Ε-Trade (B2B)

Ε-Trade (B2B) is Dynamic’s solution for online, real-time, account management and information for our assosiates. Like Ε-Trade (B2C), it functions on-line and through the Order Routing transfers the orders to OASHS system automatically.

Using Ε-Trade (B2B) you can:
• View your accounts (Cash, 3DC, Margin, Greek and international derivatives contracts)
• Pass orders to the Athens Stock Exchange (Cash, 3DC, Margin)
• Cancel orders
• Change the price of your order
• View all orders for the day
• View all transactions for the day
• View current positions
• Real Time Portfolio
• Historical Portfolio Valuation (Cash, 3DC, Margin)
• List of investors in arrears
• List with investors credibility
• View Margin Calls
• View transactions by client and by security
• Cash position by client (Cash, 3DC, Margin)
• Securities position by client (Cash, 3DC, Margin)
• Turnover by profit center
• Statements by profit center
• Statements archive