Margin Accounts

Under Greek Law all stock purchases are made in cash and must be paid in until the clearing of trades (Τ+2), i.e. until the 2nd working day from the day of the purchase with cash.

If a client wishes, until the clearing day, not to pay for the stock purchases or pay using money from stock selling he must sign a short-term credit contract. Otherwise, the client can sign a margin account contract which allows Dynamic to finance for longer term all stock purchases, in line with the Greek Law. Both these contracts are considered credit contracts and are subject to the rules outlined in Accounts’ function.

The weights of shares that particiate in the margin portfolios(short and long) as security portfolio, are shown in this file (Greek only):

Head of the Division is Mr. Athanasios Tsolis (Tel. 210.3677751, (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).