Portfolio Management

Dynamic Securities SA offers, since its establishment, Portfolio Management service w with professionalism and respect to the specificities of each client.

Portfolio Manager is to place the funds of clients under management in financial instruments in Greece and abroad, after a thorough study and understanding of the needs and expectations of every customer who is interested to join the particular service, as defined in the configurationof the investment profile of the client, but also by the continuous dialogue with him.

The Asset Management division follows the rules of active management, our pursuit is to maximize their profit by simultaneously taking the lowest possible risk, depending each time on the customer's investment profile.

Our Company has created three investment profiles with different risk-return objectives to develop a portfolio tailored to customer needs. The three investment profile is: capital maintenance, balanced and offensive.

The Portfolio Management Department uses a wide range of financial instruments (shares, bonds, derivatives, exchange-traded funds) in order to be able to achieve its purpose, for each investment profile and regardless of the size of capital for investment.