Dynamic Securities S.A.

In an extremely competitive financial environment, the company managed to become one of the leading securities firms in Greece, based on its consistent, authoritative and transparent operations.

The Directors of Dynamic are seasoned professionals in the securities and banking sectors:

Chairman and Managing Director:

Alexandros Poularikas, Executive member

He studied economics at the University of Piraeus (B.A.) and joined Alpha Bank in 1961. He rose to become head of the Securities and Deposits Department in 1967-70 and head of the Corporate Banking Department, in 1970-75.
In 1975 he was elected Chairman of the Employees Union of Alpha Bank, a position which he held until 1993. In 1976 he was elected Chairman of the Hellenic Federation of Bank Employees, a position he held for 23 years, until 1999.
During his tenure as one of the top labor leaders in the country, he negotiated and tabled proposals for the reform of the Greek banking system, collective bargaining agreements and labor relations and social security reform agreements.
He founded Dynamic Securities in 2000 and he has held the position of CEO and Chairman of the Board until today. In January 2008 he was elected Vice Chairman of the Association of Athens Stock Exchange Members, the lobbying organization of Greek brokerages.
Since March 2011, he serves as Managing Director of Attica Finance.


Vasilios Chlymbatsos, Executive member
Anna Poularika, Executive member
Christos Retsas, Non-Executive member
Dimitrios Voudouris, Non-Executive member
Rudolf Dudler, Non-Executive member
Katerina Konstantinou, Non-Executive member

Dynamic Securities is staffed with experienced professionals whose expertise covers all aspects of investment and financial services.