Brief History

The company was incorporated in May 2000. Following the first four fiscal years, that were a resounding success, in 2005, the Swiss private banking house Banca del Gottardo became a shareholder of Dynamic. It is noted that, on June 2008, Banca del Gottardo was acquired by BANCA SVIZZERA ITALIANA (BSI), which has been acquired by EFG Group.

In 2011, in collaboration with Attica Bank, the Company established "Attica Finance" to extent its operations in the management of investment funds, investment banking, local government projects, RES projects and Occupational Funds.

Its main shareholders are EFG Group, Dynamic Finance S.A., Prosilion Investments Holding S.A. and Armos Investments Holding S.A.

The Company is ranked among the Top Greek private securities house by market share while holding one of the top rankings in the local derivatives market.

Dynamic’s headquarters are at 223 Syggrou Avenue & 2 Tralleon Street, 171 21, Nea Smirni.